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Biking 4 Biodiversity

On a mission to cycle across over 20 countries to discover and share initiatives and the people behind them, who dedicate their lives to the protection of biodiversity.

“A man on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle will see more, feel more, enjoy more in one mile than the motorized tourists can in a hundred miles.”

Edward Abbey, author and environmentalist

Our mission

Biking4Biodiversity aims to connect people, initiatives and projects who dedicate their lives to the protection of biodiversity. The aim of this project is to capture what is happening to biodiversity across Europe and Asia, what is important to protect the biodiversity of these versatile landscapes, what current projects and initiatives in the field focus on and what are the ways in which local communities protect biodiversity along our route.

Our conservation journey so far

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Our latest articles

  • What will the world’s largest refinery planned in Konkan do to local livelihoods and the environment?
    Destroying 12.000-year-old prehistoric petroglyphs for an oil refinery that will best (or worst) case scenario run for the next 50 years – this is what the Maharashtra government plans by erecting the world’s largest refinery in the Konkan region. However, locals are enraged.
  • The return of Pakistan’s ungulates
    Unfortunately Pakistan has lost most of its ungulate population in recent times, but a new project aims to reverse this in the near future.
  • The last refuge of Asiatic lions needs extension
    The last Asiatic lions on Earth inhabit the Indian State of Gujarat. After being at the brink of extinction 100 years ago, the lion population is steadily growing, and the local community is overall supportive. But, new space is urgently needed, and Gujarat doesn’t want to share.
  • Vadodara – the city of crocodiles
    The 4-million city Vadodara and the villages around are an example how humans and crocodiles can coexist successfully.
  • A place in the forest
    For many people, a place in the forest is a vague dream fueled by their stressful big city lives. For Alex and Cristina, their place in the forest in the center of their life.

Who we are

The decision to go on a several-month cycling tour was made in the early months of 2021, and as avid environmentalists and adventurers, we could not be frightened even by the raging pandemic. And so it is happening. In April 2022, we started our biking documentary trip from Germany to Singapore. The plan is simple: taking our bikes on an over 20,000 km-long journey across 20 countries to discover and share, how humans tackle the main drivers of biodiversity loss, and what we can learn from each other along the way.

Support our cause

With your kind support, we can make this journey happen. With your donation, you can help us with the pedaling, writing, photographing, researching and connecting with people everywhere we go. And in the end, you’ll contribute to making Biking4Biodiversity a trip that makes a true impact. Thank you for being our horsepowers hidden in the bike frame!

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