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A project like this only works with great support. This is where you come in. If you like our ideas and our goals, there are several ways you can help us before, during and after our journey. And we would love to have you on our side!

Through Biking4Biodiversity, we aim to bring to the attention of the general public the stories, that will bring us closer to a better understanding of the human-nature relationship today. We aim to document the complexity and broadness of nature protection in the countries we travel through. We show the challenges and reasons behind biodiversity loss. And through the connections we make, we present solutions and hope: people who dedicate their life, who are getting involved, actions that encourage, organisations that inspire.

Biking4Biodiversity is a unique project. But in order for it to continue, we ask you, that if you like what we do, support our efforts. You can do that in various ways, and with that you contribute to making Biking4Biodiversity even more accurate, more broad-minded and more credible.

Work with us

Are you part of an organization or group that wants to support us with ideas, contacts, know-how, material, money or outreach? Then by all means write to us. We are happy for every cooperation and exchange! We are looking forward to your message!

Would you like to read a story from us in your newspaper, magazine, website? Then send us a message about what interests your platform and we will make you a suitable proposal from our pool of stories, pictures and encounters. We would be happy to write a report for your medium.

Share with us your ideas

Do you know of an organization, an impressive place or promising project that we should report about? Or would you like to publish something we wrote? Then reach out to us! We’d love to carry your idea under our saddle!

Make important stories possible

Our type of storytelling takes time. Our project was completely self-funded, self-developed and executed. We have put our heart, body and time into this mission. While progressing on our route, we had to find time eat, sleep, write, repair the bikes, keep our equipment maintained and pay for visas—for almost 2 years. Throughout our journey, we will take our time – as we want to take in what we see, and meet with as many people from the field of nature protection as possible. Therefore, slow travel is our strongest asset!

As of now, our journey has ended and we are not in need of financial support.

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