Our journey

Our completed journey between April 2022 and February 2024. We cycled 21,372 km through 20 countries.

Biodiversity loss and the degradation of natural ecosystems is a global issue that has to be solved both on a global and regional level. To achieve a global impact, we need to hear from the people who are working on the local scale to effectively combat biodiversity loss.

In April 2022 we set out on a 20,000 km long journey from Germany to Singapore spanning over 20 countries, combining moving on a global level but talking to people on a regional level. 

Our goal was to learn about conservation in different contexts from local communities and organizations and raise awareness amongst the people that follow us. We wanted to understand and document how differently effective nature conservation can be accomplished across Eurasia. Biking4Biodiversity advocates for the people who take charge in their local communities for nature restoration and protection. This might sound obvious, but it’s all too often not the case. Wherever the local community benefits from the nature nearby and is in charge of looking after it, the impacts can be incredible. But many projects fail, because the locals are left out. Every individual makes an impact on their surroundings every day, and you get to choose what sort of impact you make. 

We have so much respect for the people working to protect and to restore these landscapes. There are so many people doing amazing things, which honestly fills us with hope. On this journey, we aimed at getting to know them and sharing their stories.

Thank you so much for being part of our project!