High-level political stakes feed the illegal hunting of Cholistan’s rare wildlife 

Despite a hunting ban, to keep Pakistani elites and Arab dignitaries happy, the government of Pakistan gives them open access to hunt in the Cholistan desert, one of Pakistan’s major deserts.
Meanwhile, the Punjab Wildlife Department fights a great battle to protect Cholistan’s fast declining populations of chinkara gazelles and migratory birds from poaching.

Nature experiences beyond four walls 

Profound experiences in nature during childhood shape the way we develop as adults. Love for nature, curiosity and the sense of wonder cannot be evoked solely by long presentations inside a classroom. And this is the realization that motivated four sisters in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad to start their own, very unique nature camp, not only igniting the curiosity for nature within children, but also breaking the walls of expectations around women in Pakistan.

A holistic conservation success story – Livestock insurance scheme to protect snow leopards

As elusive as this big cat is, for the agro-pastoralist population of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, snow leopards are a real threat. Here we meet the NGO that became the global pioneer of developing a livestock insurance scheme connected to this vulnerable species, which many countries adapted since. So what lies in the center of the conflict, and how can such an insurance scheme lead to the conservation of the snow leopard and at the same time support local livelihoods?